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Thread: New contest time. Lets make it a big one.

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    New contest time. Lets make it a big one.

    So its been a while so I feel like we should make up for a few lost give-aways. Read semi-carefully.

    As a first post I'll keep this to the rules:

    Nominations for the type of contest will be taken for the NEXT WEEK ending on 12AM January 28th 2016 AM almost exactly one week from now. Afterwards we will discuss the contest and potentially prizes, rewards, sponsors, or donation allocation in the next agreed timeframe in a separate thread.

    I think it would be fun to involve everyone in the discussion and would love to know what people are into these days. If I cant currently play I'd love to at least promote what is owed to the community by organizing a wicked giveaway.

    Lets decide together how cool this can be and maybe make some strangers day.

    Any nominations will be added to a POLL so we can vote as well.

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