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  1. A pun a day keeps the forum's death at bay!

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    What a gay say when a girl want to sex with him ?

    Tell santa to make u with dick and then come to me

    Lol . / I saw this in a film xD
  2. Outdoor DropCam / xaiomi yi cam weatherproof enclosure prototype DIY

    I was curious if I could get some outdoor IP cameras on the cheap so I got on the interweb and found the Xaiomi Yi camera which so far is doing a great job indoors and comes with a handy little app (although mostly in Chinese) it works pretty well.

    Heres my budget journey. I bought 5 cameras in total for the price so if I loose a few to experimentation it'll be totally worth it. If anyone has any suggestions or find this information useful I'll do my duty and update this as things

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  3. because my signature was growing too big

  4. So, let's talk about this.

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    I. LYNX Like hairy nipples in my mouth the end.
  5. Reinstalling TextEdit if you've deleted it off your mac

    Figured I'd post this since I had to help a client out. If you've lost TextEdit for the Mac (tested on 10.6.x, may work with newer/older) then here is the .app file to restore it.

    Feel free to leave a comment if it doesn't work with a particular OS version and I'll update this post.
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